Source Issuer Rating
AA_DE Debeka Allgemei.. A++
AA_DE Debeka Krankenv.. A++
AA_DE Debeka Lebensve.. A
AA_DE Allianz Private.. A+
JCRER - 2018-03-15
JCR Eurasia Rating has affirmed the credit ratings of Ak Faktoring A.Ş. and “Cash Flows arising from Bond Issuances” as ‘BBB+ (Trk)’ on the Long Term National Scale and A-2 (Trk) on the Short Term Nat

JCRER - 2017-09-29
JCR Eurasia Rating has reaffirmed the credit ratings of the consolidated structure of “Boyner Perakende ve Tekstil Yatırımları Anonim Şirketi and its Subsidiary “and “Cash Flows Relating to the Outsta

JCRER - 2017-09-29
JCR Eurasia Rating has reviewed and affirmed the credit ratings of T.C. Ziraat Bankası A.Ş. and its Consolidated Structure as ‘AAA (Trk)’ on the Long Term National scale and ‘BBB-‘ on the Long Term In

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English, Russian, Ukrainian

An independent privately owned rating agency, founded in Kiev (Ukraine) in 2001. Since 2004 Credit-Rating is officially recognized by the State Commission for Securities and Stock Market of Ukraine. Credit-Rating operates in full compliance with the IOSCO principles of conduct for rating agencies. In 2009 Credit-Rating established a subsidiary in Minsk (Belarus) and became a founding member of EACRA. Currently, Credit-Rating employes 40 people.Credit-Rating became the first to introduce in 2001 the National Scale of credit ratings for Ukraine. As of today, with over 250 existing clients, Credit-Rating is the leading rating agency in Ukraine, with over 1100 credit ratings assigned up to date, including over 800 ratings assigned to bond issues with value exceeding US$ 8,5 billion. In 2007 Credit-Rating was the first to introduce corporate governance ratings in Ukraine.

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Belarus, Russian Federation, Ukraine

All credit ratings presented in the list are public as well as are under regular review. Some rating reports are available in English (Cherkassy City Council, Platinum Bank PJSC, Tavrika Bank PJSC, Bank Lviv PJSC). Information on curretly supported credit rating is being updated upon a monthly basis. The majority of rating reports as well as industry reports to be included to the Platform database will be in Ukrainian or Russian.