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RP - 2020-10-27
OECD updates country risk classification for 3 countries

RP - 2020-08-21
The Indian Rating market

RP - 2020-06-29
OECD updates country risk classification


OECD updates country risk classification for 3 countries

Effective October 16th, 2020, the Country Risk Classification of the Participants to the Arrangements on Officially Supported Export Credit within the framework of the OECD was modified as follows:
- Aruba: from 4 to 5
- Bahamas: from 3 to 4
- Suriname: from 6 to 7.

The Indian Rating market

We have updated our Country Regulatory page relating to India.

Inda has a well developed rating market with 7 registered agencies generating approximaterly EUR 110 mln in revenues in 2019.
Based on the probability of default benchmarks per rating catergory used in India, we have derived an indicative mapping of Indian local scale ratings to the international rating scale.
Additionally, for our registered users, we provide information on the Indian rating market and market shares based on regulatory disclosures as of March 2020.

OECD updates country risk classification

On June 25th, 2020, the OECD has published updated Country Risk Classification with the following changes: :

Botswana: from 2 to 3
Costa Rica: from 3 to 4
Ecuador: from 6 to 7
Hong Kong: from 2 to 3
Maldives: from 6 to 7
Mongolia: from 6 to 7
Namibia: from 5 to 6

Global Sovereign Rating calendar now available

Based on the Sovereign rating calendars of ESMA registered Credit Rating Agencies, we have published today a single report covering all rating actions.

OECD Country Risk Classification for 7 countries modified

On October 28th, 2016, the OECD Country Risk Classification was updated as follows:

- upgrades:
Argentina: from 7 to 6
Honduras: from 6 to 5
Togo: from 7 to 6

- downgrades:
Brazil: from 4 to 5
Trinidad and Tobago: from 2 to 3

- new classification was assigned to:
Belize: 7
Guyana: 6

OECD Country Risk Classification updated

On June 24th, 2016, the Country Risk Classification of the Participants to the OECD Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits was updated. The following 7 changes occured:
- Angola: from 5 to 6
- Iran: from 7 to 6
- Namibia: from 3 to 4
- Nigeria: from 5 to 6
- Papua New Guinea: from 5 to 6
- Seychelles: from 7 to 6
- Zambia: from 5 to 6

Research on EU Market shares

Based on the Transparency reports for the fiscal year 2014 of ESMA registered Credit Rating Agnecies, we provide to our registered users an estimate of current market shares in the EU.

Brazil and 4 other countries have their OECD Country Risk Classification revised

As of October 30th, 2015, the OECD Country Risk Classification of the participants to the Arrangement on Offically Supported Export Credits was updated as follows:

Benin (from 7 to 6)
Cote d'Ivoire (from 7 to 6)

Brazil (from 3 to 4)
El Salvador (from 4 to 5)
Ghana (from 5 to 6)

Updated rating data for EU rating agencies is now available.

On October 14th, 2015, the European Securities and Markets Authority ("ESMA") published updated rating activity data as of June 30th, 2015.
For our registered users, we make available an overview of outstanding ratings.