The TOTO toilet is a popular brand in delivering the best with the incorporation of innovation and comfort. This ensures the cleanliness of your toilet is well maintained. When someone uses the bathroom in your home, then there might be a lid that accidentally slams. Inspect your flange carefully to ensure it didn’t crack during the removal process. To get the best out of everything you have to go a step further in raising the amount spent on it. Click here to compare prices on Amazon and find a great deal on the Eco Ultramax. The benefit of this product is that it creates a more hygienic experience in the bathroom for every moment of the family. The first toilets manufactured by this brand came from Kitakyushu, Japan in 1917. If you have a small space for your bathroom, then this design option will allow you to install this fixture correctly without impacting the other elements of the bathroom (like closing the door!). (at no extra cost to you). It is a path toward the best bathroom possible in your home. Rate My Toilet is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If you care about how your bathroom looks, this toilet will not disappoint. With such little water use, the Ultramax … You will discover that the reputation of this brand lives up to the hype when you actually see and use some of their products. Toto is one of those toilet brands that offer this durability along with its many advantages. And in the end, we will reveal our Best Pick that will give service for a longer period of time while saving on water, low maintenance cost and easy to clean. Click here to compare prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Drake II. The design is the latest in the market will have you saving on space with the bowl being round in shape but being able to play the roles of an elongated toilet seat without compromise on the service delivery. A good toilet is everyone’s demand. The Washlet is the most popular feature offered by the company. Elongated designs are more comfortable, which is why they tend to be the preferred option for homeowners when there is enough space to accommodate them in the bathroom. The quality offered by the TOTO toilet brand is unmatched. It will help you to save 20% more water even when you compare it to the options that flush at 1.6 gallons. And it all started with 2 base configurations and expanded to include the other features such as a 10″ rough-in, 16-1/2″ bowl height, and the CeFIONtect bowl surface finishing. TOTO Drake Models Creation. The full tank gives you a 1.6 GPF flush instead. The prices on the toilet will be matched to the features the toilet offers. You will discover fewer clogs and cleaning requirements waiting for you because the combination of a high-power flush from your Toto toilet and the lack of paper makes for a smooth flushing experience. ... TOTO Drake II … Rate My Toilet is reader-supported. It goes beyond the need to meet or exceed government safety standards. We take a closer look at the mechanisms and functionality that make these toilets tick below. Since the first products sold, Toto has grown to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of this bathroom fixture. The Toto UltraMax II is easily the best quality model from this manufacturer if you need a product that can withstand heavy use. There will be fewer wakeup calls in the middle of the night with this product too! This combination of features makes it possible to keep the fixture clean without the need to use harsh chemicals in your bathroom that could damage your plumbing or septic system. The first toilets manufactured by this brand came from Kitakyushu, Japan in 1917. The unique capacity to jet out water to the front part of the bowl making the cleaning process an easy task and doubling up on the hygiene. Some of these features include; The designs The TOTO toilet has several designs to offer which all stand out in service delivery. All in all, a great value buy. It is a single flush two-piece elongated toilet with a comfort/universal height. This Toto Ultramax II toilet comes in one piece and is very aesthetically pleasing. Toto believes that the modern-day environmental requirements which are necessary for a modern toilet shouldn’t be a complication for your daily routine. Toto Ultramax II is famous for the beautiful design, exceptional performance, and … With the help of a plumber, the height of your toilet may be adjusted to your liking. You might rock on the fixture some as you shift your weight. Always ensure all the parts of your TOTO toilet is working to enjoy the maximum lifeline of the TOTO toilet. This  model features a CEFIONTECT glaze that provides the bowl with the quality that mimics lubrication, making it easier to remove particles from the fixture every time you pull the lever. That is the primary benefit of owning a Toto toilet. Both models are almost the same and have excellent performance. The Toto Ultramax II will appeal to any homeowner looking for a compact one-piece toilet with an attractive, modern design. The TOTO Drake consumes 1.6 gallons of water per flush which means that it’s efficient enough for most consumers although it uses about 50% more water than some of the most efficient toilets on the market. Related: Difference between Toto Ultramax II and Drake II. The Height The regular height of most toilets is 15’ above the floor. You deserve to have a place in your home that feels like an oasis. These products use a standard rough-in of 12 inches with their design. On the other hand, Ultramax has many cons than the Drake toilet. You can rest assured that the manufacturing process creates a sturdy, comfortable product that you will love using for years to come. Price is usually the differentiating factor when deciding if a one-piece or a two-piece model is your best option. Both designs look similar once you have them installed in your bathroom. The Toto Ultramax II is a popular and relatively affordable high efficiency one-piece Toto toilet using just 1.28 gallons per flush. You will need a thorough cleaning of your toilet every month or after six months. Our Top Picks – Kohler Cimarron vs TOTO Drake II. Because there is no gap between the bowl and the tank, there are fewer places for dirt and debris to hide. Did you know that roughly 30% of the water bill that you pay every month is because of your water-use habits in the bathroom? Using, not Drinking from the Toilet. Does a high-efficiency flush really work? The Toto Ultramax II Het Double Cyclone is a smooth curved one-piece toilet with a single, lever-operated flush. The most famous models in the US include the Drake and Ultramax II, which we will be focusing on today. Pros. The cefiontect glaze lets the bowl remain clean as it prevents molds from sticking on the bowl. Wax On: The Most Effective Seal for Toilets. Use the pre-mist function to prevent waste buildup in the bowl before every use. For the past years the brand TOTO has been around, it has ensured it can maintain and build a stable relationship with its customers. The old TOTO toilets the flappers will take a minimum of 5 years for wear and tear. For families who are wanting to have a comfortable experience in their bathroom without breaking the budget, then the soft-close seat from Toto is another significant upgrade to consider. For example, the Toto Ultramax 2 is priced at $575 while the Kohler Stately memoir is for a lower price of $448. When you are in the market for a new toilet, then the bowl shape that you choose will be one of the first decisions made during the shopping process. This model only comes in elongated, and the only color offered is a cotton white. Still, have questions after reading this Toto Ultramax VS Ultramax II? The specialty hinges on this seat help to avoid slamming issues that can sometimes happen, reducing the risk of a broken bowl after its installation. A higher MaP score means the toilet has more efficient cleaning. Given TOTO’s focus on quality, any model in their range is a solid choice, guaranteed to please any homeowner. Toto MS604114CEFG#01 One-Piece Elongated UltraMax II. Expect the latest design with this toilet with the improved functionality and efficiency in your bathroom. If your budget is tight, then finding the best combination of value, cost, and performance is essential. The Dual Flush system gives you the option for a half-tank flush so that you can use as little as 0.9 GPF. Mine: Drake II, double cyclone, sanagloss. Installing a Toto unit is similar to what you would expect from any other manufacturer. This toilet is pricey with a very appealing design. Toto Ultramax II is therefore sleeker and more compact than the Drake II. Toto toilets have been trusted in many homes and hotels because they have such great quality. You may also like: Toto vs Kohler. It also features the CEFIONTECT glaze that promotes more particle movement whenever a flush occurs. The size of your bathroom may be an issue with the absence of an electric outlet in the lavatory. Its construction is perfect for families who have small children. Being among the first manufacturers to come up with the integrated bidet, an amazing feature that would be switched on with a simple press of a button. Toto toilet reviews. So I've never even heard of Toto before finding this site on google, but now considering getting one after lots of reading. Older models can sometimes send 7 gallons of water down the drain with every flush. The Trapway style of the TOTO toilet is tasked with emptying the bowl. If the average person flushes five times per day, then you will save approximately 25 gallons of water by upgrading to a high-efficiency model. The No.1 Source For Water & Lavatory Bias-free Reviews. The Drake II 2-Piece Toilet with the TOTO’s Tornado flush technology with dual nozzles and a hole-free rim offers a centrifugal rinse. The bowl surface of this toilet is extremely smooth as it is surfaced with SanaGloss which prevents debris and molds from sticking on the surface. Toto Drake vs Entrada, first Toto. TOTO has a worldwide reputation for manufacturing quality toilets. Click here to compare prices on Amazon and find a great deal on the Promenade II. If you are seeking a perfect bathroom, you must rely on the Toto. A significant majority of the toilets purchased in the United States each year are the elongated design. When looking at this feature there are some that offer visibility on both sides of the bowl, with the skirted trapway offering easy to clean option. I will buy another one when it is time to remodel the other bath. In this post, we will compare and review three of the best & most popular toilet brands on the market. Toto toilets are one of the most affordable brands that you can purchase today. Among the numerous models that Toto has produced so far, TOTO CST454CEFG#03 Drake II 2-Piece Toilet is a market leader. The tornado flush system ensures high efficiency with the clearing of all debris from the bowl. The GMax Flushing System offers a 1.6 GPF flush. There are several varieties, styles, and sizes from which to choose, which means your home can benefit from a well-tested product that will meet your current and future flushing needs very effectively. Some of their collections include Aimes, Aquia, Drake, Ultramax, Promenade, Carlyle II, Maris, Clayton, Entrada, Nexus, Connelly, Soiree, Legato, and Supreme. There are still options for both designs to consider. By maintaining customers and building a pool of customers the brand has been able to meet the needs of the customers by being innovative in meeting the needs of the customers. Once you have decided on the perfect Toto toilet for your bathroom based on its functionality and looks, then it is worth remembering that this manufacturer offers a wide range of accessories that can work with your new fixture as well. And for that, this post have affiliate links. A toilet with a defective fill valve will not stop gaining water in the tank. Although it won’t beat the affordability of the $5 wooden seat special at your local hardware store, you will benefit from the slower raising and lowering function that is built into its design. For general feedback & inquiries, please contact us: Within the United States: TollFree: 1-888-295-8134 Direct: 770-282-8686 International: 001-770-282-8686 The only difference is that the Drake II doesn’t c… Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of clean lines or want something modern with automatic features, you will be able to find what you want with this brand. This model is CEC compliant, meets WaterSense certification standards, and it is ADA compliant. The cost of a toilet seat is usually cheaper when using a round bowl compared to the elongated design. The Wall-hung toilet will have using the wall in your bathroom for its installation. With the two-piece design, the tank and the bowl are separate and must be connected during the installation process. Most customers go for the elongated bowls as they are more comfortable and still pricey. dianne47: "Toto is the best toilet brand, hands down." The seat is even heated for your comfort. This dual achievement from this manufacturer is one of its most significant attributes. With every flush with this toilet, you will be using 1.28 gallons of water which is similar to 4.8 liters per flush making this toilet eco-friendly with the conservation of resources. Best Osmosis Experts is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Replace an older model with a high-efficiency unit in each bathroom and the savings will continue to mount. Use the Toto toilet information found here to choose the best model for your bathroom upgrade or construction effort. Toto designs and makes excellent toilets; we purchased one (Vespin II, the skirted version of the Drake II) ourselves when we remodeled one of our bathrooms a little over a year ago, and it is the best toilet we ever have had in a home. This is all dependent on the pH level of your water and the use of abrasive chemical detergents to clean up. The fast flush system with a 3’flush valve system is huge when compared to the other which are 2’offering more when flushing the toilet. If you wish to use a seat bidet with your new product, then you may find it to be a little easier when your model is elongated. This is a high-efficient toilet model as it uses less than 1.28 gallons of water per flush. We are going to highlight important features, functionality & uniqueness when it comes to each toilet model. Flush Score. The global toilets are ADA compliant with the height being most comfortable. Toto Drake II is an model of the Toto Drake. The following are some of the reasons why the TOTO toilet is special. While the look of our Toto Ultramax toilet is somewhat traditional, the features that are implemented within would be anything but! If you are looking to free up space in your bathroom you may consider going for this. ... TOTO Ultramax II The TOTO Ultramax II is one of the latest toilets in the quite popular Ultramax series. They are known for the excellent quality in all of their products which makes TOTO a special brand. Toto Ultramax Vs Kohler Tresham: Ultimate Comparison of Toilet Brand December 30, 2020 December 29, 2020 by Jimmy J. Olivas Choosing the right toilets are kind of similar to choosing the right couches for your living room – an uncomfortable couch will make relaxing after a stressful day at work impossible. First….Here is a summary of our findings: TOTO MS854114ELG#01 Cotton White Eco Ultramax Toilet. Here is an overview of how each performs to ensure you purchase the correct model for your home. Re: Gerber Vs Toto; Author: e-plumber (NY) If the Gerber Avalanche is designed like a Toto G-Max; with a larger than average flush valve and trapway, it probably flushes just as good. The standard measurements and height ensure you are comfortable when using this seat. The toilets come in different configuration, dimensions and price tags and would, therefore, be able to fit in an average home depending on the budget. If you know for certain that Toto is the best brand for your home, then we’ve made it easy to choose a well-reviewed model. If cleaning is your top priority, then the single unit removes the seam that can collect debris, urine, and other bathroom elements where the two elements combine. It will flush the normal way and will only be interfered with a power outage. Every toilet is rated for the amount of water that it uses in every flash. The ability to pick the best and get the very best in toilets is not based on luck but research. This is a hole-free rim design that uses dual nozzles to provide a better centrifugal rinse. When it comes to buying a new toilet, Kohler and Cimarron are both solid choices. Overall, these are two quality toilets that will change the look of your bathroom. With the TOTO toilet, you will be expecting comfort and warmth without compromise on its durability. The TOTO toilet stands out from the rest when you go looking for the prices. If you feel like the brand is not right for your home, then be sure to take a moment to browse through our ultimate guide to finding the best toilet to see if another option can meet your needs. The EMax Flushing System uses the high-efficiency 1.28 GPF, even if that figure is not published on an individual listing. The height of your toilet may dictate your installation process as well. Although it does take a little while to get used to the flushing mechanism, you will find that the powerful flush that is available with this model will eliminate the double flushes that can sometimes occur with other brands. There will be no more slammed lids, but there will also be fewer unexpected surprises on your water bill when you make this investment. In fact, … TOTO is widely known for high-quality materials and the use of the right workmanship. To help you choose the right TOTO Drake toilet, it is good to understand how TOTO addresses your needs with each model. You should be able to make a decision based on your needs on which particular toilet to have in your home with the features offered by each piece. Some of the successful Toto toilets include Toto Drake, Drake II, Ultramax, Ultramax II. This toilet review guide will provide you with the information necessary to help you select the best model to fit your needs. Interested in more options for your Bathroom? You could pick the one-piece or go for the much-sophisticated options of the two-piece toilet. Most homeowners will find a model that meets their needs from this manufacturer for roughly $500 or less. The “sana-gloss” finish is designed to be super smooth, making your new toilet easier to clean, while the 3-inch flush valve is 125% the size of competing units, helping you to make the most of this toilet’s limited amount of water.
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