RATINGPLATFORM has been created to provide a unique global research platform focusing on credit ratings and credit rating agencies. Given the international environment for CRAs, where new legislation is being implemented in several countries and regions, RATINGPLATFORM’s target is to provide guidance to all users of ratings across jurisdictions.

In order to contribute to enhanced transparency in the rating market, we shall reference all Credit Rating Agencies registered or certified in the European Union. In addition, you shall find information on selected agencies beyond the European.

Our target is to provide guidance to issuers and users of ratings across jurisdictions

On this webpage

You shall find on this webpage the following information:

  • Introduction to ratings: we provide here a first guidance to the concept of credit ratings.
  • Agencies: we provide profiles for the numerous agencies operating on a global basis.
  • Regulatory use: as legislation on credit rating agencies differs from country to country, we provide here an overview over key requirements.
  • Research: this page reference research and research reports carried out by ourselves.


We welcome any additional information or clarifications!

Our services

In our sections Research, Regulatory use, you shall find some research publicly available to all users. In addition, we provide specific support to different clients:

  • For issuers: we provide here the full range of services associated with rating advisory activities. The starting point is explaining the concept of credit ratings and how this impacts the potential funding costs. We further support in the selection of the rating agency, we provide support during the rating process as well as during rating reviews.
  • For users of ratings: we can guide you through the high number of existing rating agencies and how the ratings from these sources can be used to optimize capital requirements.
  • For supervisors and policy makers: we can inform you on the different standards applied on CRAs on a global basis and which standards would be appropriate for your country.


Reach out to us with your enquiry and we will provide a customized proposal for your needs!

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