Regulatory use other regions

In this section, you will find information on the regulatory framework applicable to credit rating agencies in selected countries. Additionally, if available, we inform on how investors can use these credit ratings.

Depending on the availability of information, we provide the following information:

  • Law on credit rating agencies
  • Name of regulator of credit rating agencies
  • List of registered or recognized credit rating agencies
  • Is the rating scale standardized?
  • Disclosure requirements by credit rating agencies.
  • Who grants the status of External Credit Assessment Institution (“ECAI”)?
  • What is the applicable mapping of credit ratings to regulatory scales?
  • Are there any mandatory requirements regarding the use of external ratings?

We complement the above information with a list of useful links.

In countries where public information is available, we provide a broad overview over the market (eg in terms of revenues or number of ratings assigned).

These countries profiles will be updated on a irregular basis depending on new information becoming available. We welcome any clarifications or additional information.

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