Source Issuer Rating
JCRER Cagdas Faktorin.. B
JCRER T.Garanti Banka.. A
JCRER Tam Faktoring A.. B
JCRER Fiba Faktoring .. A
JCRER Gedik Yatırım.. AB
JCRER - 2017-04-21
JCR Eurasia Rating has revised the credit ratings of “Çağdaş Faktoring A.Ş.” and ‘Cash Flows of the Bond Issuance’ within the scope of periodic review and affirmed the ratings as “A- (Trk)/Stable” on

JCRER - 2017-04-20
JCR Eurasia Rating affirms the ratings of ‘AAA(Trk)’ on the Long Term National Scale, ‘BBB’ on the Long Term International Foreign Currency and ‘BBB+’ on the Long Term International Local Currency Sca

JCRER - 2017-04-17
JCR Eurasia Rating has upgraded the Long Term National and Short Term National credit ratings of Tam Faktoring A.Ş.to ‘BBB+(Trk)’ and ‘A-2 (Trk)’, respectively, and revised the Long Term outlook to “P


ASSEKURATA Assekuranz Rating-Agentur GmbH, Germany

ASSEKURATA makes available via RATINGPLATFORM its current ratings.

ASSEKURATA Assekuranz Rating-Agentur GmbH, Germany
ASSEKURATA is registered with ESMA as CRA since August 18th,
ASSEKURATA covers the insurance sector in Germany.
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Research profiles on all ESMA registered or certified Credit Rating Agencies ("CRAs") are now available. For registered user, we make additional information available

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25 registered CRAs
4 certified CRAs
Regulatory use

While several jurisdictions have adopted specific regulation on credit rating agencies, there are numerous differences in terms of registration/recognition as CRA or ECAIs as well as in terms of disclosures by CRAs and supervisors. In our section "regulatory use" we provide guidance to users for several countries.

Regulatory use
Jurisdictions covered include the EU, the US, Brazil, Mexico
More information is disclosed to registered users!
JCR Eurasia, Turkey

JCR-ER views RATINGPLATFORM as an opportunity to connect with European and global investors. JCR-ER publishes its press releases and makes available current rating information via RATINGPLATFORM:

JCR Eurasia, Turkey
JCR-ER is a registered Credit Agency recognized ECAI in Turk
JCR-ER is a full-service CRA in Turkey.
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In the US, 10 agencies are registered with the SEC as NRSROs. Research profiles on all these agencies are now available. An introduciton to the legal framework on NRSROs is available under "Regulatory use"

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AM Best, DBRS, Egan Jones, Fitch
HR Ratings, JCRA, KBRA, Moody's, Morningstar, S&P